About Us

Creative solutions, measurable results

We’re based in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland and “The Athens of the North.” Besides incredible architecture, imposing landscapes and historical landmarks, we’re also surrounded by an abundance of awesome independent businesses.

Many of these companies use social media for marketing. Unfortunately, not everyone uses it effectively. Finding time to give your social media business pages the attention they deserve isn’t easy. But social media is also one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal.

Thankfully, we specialise in social media marketing. We give you the tools to create powerful promotions that compel your customers to act. Our expertise enables you to deliver unique social marketing campaigns across channels. Best of all, we give you the knowledge to build real relationships with customers and drive sales.

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Clemmie Digital was founded on the belief that every business, no matter their size or scope, should be able to reach their customer base through the right channels, with the best content.

Our vision stems from our own time spent working in small businesses. Juggling the various challenges of working in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment makes finding time for anything else seem impossible.

For many small business owners, social media marketing is an afterthought. But social media offers an incredible opportunity for businesses. Deliver bold marketing campaigns on a budget that suits you; push targeted promotions direct to your customers; review invaluable analytics to optimise your content. Sound tempting? Clemmie helps you do all of this, and much more...

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Who we are

We are Clemmie Digital, or Clemmie if we’re being informal (and we usually are). We live and breathe social media marketing and advertising.


Our expertise empowers businesses of all sizes to outshine competitors and communicate with customers on a personal level.

We specialise in enabling independent businesses to engage with customers and new leads through the channels they love. Our knowledge informs every step of the process, from first contact to final review.


Best of all, even though we’re a distinctly local team, we have a knack for crafting original content with international appeal.

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What We Do

We deliver creative campaigns to stop customers in their tracks, social strategies to stun followers and awesome ads to ignite your feed. Regardless of your business goals, social scope or budget, we strive to create powerful content that works for you.


Whether you want to boost footfall, drive website traffic or increase your social following, we help you realise your business goals. The Clemmie combination of creative social copy and measurable targets enables you to reach the right audience with killer campaigns and on-point branding.


Of course, reaching your audience is just the first step. We also show you how to convert followers into real leads, keep customers coming back for more and upsell other products/services.​

How do we do it

When you reach out to us, we sit down for a chat and discuss everything - from where you started to where you want to be (and everything in between). We know the secret to capturing the essence of your brand lies in establishing exactly what it is that drives you.


After extensive research, we create a detailed breakdown of your current branding and marketing. We look at every aspect of your business. Crucially, we keep you in the loop and enable you to tweak social campaigns and develop new business objectives as you go.


We know marketing is an ongoing process. That's why we’re with you every step of the way.

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Why you can trust us

We’re a resourceful rag-tag bunch and, best of all, we have experience on both sides of the fence. Along with years of experience in digital marketing and advertising, several of our team have run their own businesses.

We understand the pressures facing independent ventures and the struggle to find time to create bold, effective content. With every Clemmie project, you gain access to tested strategies, cost-effective campaigns and the latest social media marketing tools.

That way, you know you're getting the ROI your business needs to thrive. Your brand stays on-point, on any channel, whatever the objective.


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